Bowie’s Rainbow Room

This one is personal!  I made a deal with my daughter that we would redecorate her room every 5 years.  Sounds reasonable, only when she asked for a rainbow theme and mentioned painting the wall, I went a little overboard.  I honestly couldn’t choose one wall for the project, and once I decided on a design, it all kind of fell in to place.  We both love it so much!  Rachel got some killer shots of this room furnished – unlike my crappy cell phone pics of the room before it was furnished (I’m posting both though so you can see everything). Also I do have some products made specifically from this room design and I also made some one of a kind art pieces for the room. This project fully encompassed what JDunbar Collections is all about!

Project Details

Client Bowie (Personal Project)
Dimensions 440 Square ft
Date April 2021
Material Latex Acrylic House Paint

 Interested in a home mural?  Want to commission a painting or some custom products to go with the room?