Floral Bedroom

Another personal one!  I’ll admit, after seeing how awesome Bowie’s Rainbow Room turned out, I had to do something to my room!  And of course I wen’t with orchids, because I love them.  Rachel got some awesome shots right after I finished up the mural!  I took a few shots of it after mostly furnishing it, though I will have to get her back over here to replace my cell phone pics.  Also, what do you guys think?  Should I make some custom sheets for my bed?

Project Details

Client Personal Project
Dimensions 200 Square ft
Date June 2021
Material Latex Acrylic House Paint

This mural design was based off a previous painting’s background, and I love how well it looks in the room now!  It’s not everyday you get a whole room decorated around a painting!  Interested in a home mural?  Want to commission a painting or some custom products to go with the room? I can help with that!