Underwater Series

This series is 5+ years in the making! It’s a collaboration with Rachel Sullivan Photography, my go-to photographer (she’s amazing, check her out).  Back in October 2015, I cornered Rachel at a Halloween Horror Nights scare-actor party while she was photographing the cast and asked her to work with me on an underwater series I had cooked up….. like I was too excited about it to wait for a reasonable time to contact her.  Later on we made some plans to get it going and had the first photoshoot in the spring of the following year.  I was pregnant with Bowie during that shoot, and didn’t actually paint anything until after she was born.  It has been a process to slowly bring back painting time into my schedule as a single mom with a day job, but it gets easier every day.  Since that first photoshoot, Rachel has grown the underwater photography leg of her business in so many wonderful ways, and in turn I have an endless supply of inspiration and long backlog of things to paint! The plan is to show them all off in a solo show sometime soon, though I have to actually stop adding more paintings to that show list to get that going 😅 (an impossible feat since Rachel’s work continues to inspire me daily). Follow me on my socials to keep updated on the series (Instagram and tiktok for wip updates, and facebook if you want to be invited to the inevitable show).

Looking for my mural work?

If you are interested in commissioning a painting, want information on one of the newer paintings, or if you are a venue or gallery that would like to feature this series, send me a message!