I started the first painting (“Legato”) to challenge myself, and I needed something for a local group art show.  The show was dance themed and I was looking to represent a contemporary subject.  During my search for reference images I kept coming across one particular photographer’s work (Peddecord Photo).  I ended up referencing one of his photos for this personal project.

After that is when I started to take my art a little more seriously.  I wanted to start showing more, and hopefully sell some paintings, but I didn’t feel done with this particular theme.  I contacted the photographer, showing him my painting, and asked for permission to use another photo as reference for a twin painting (“Legato Inverted”).  He graciously agreed.  I am very thankful to him, as his work inspired two of my favorite pieces.


“Legato” 18×18 Acrylic on Canvas

“Legato Inverted” 18×18 Acrylic on Canvas

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