About the Artist

Jessica Dunbar has a background in Digital Mediums (Character Modeling, Digital Sculpting, and Textures) as well as Traditional Art.  Her art studies color, shape, and pattern and how they play with the depth and composition of an image.  Jessica combines her love of digital and traditional mediums through her process in creating these works of art.  The designing process is completed digitally, transferred to canvas, and then painted traditionally.  The digital mockups are finalized before switching mediums and are often used in her clothing line.  The clothing line was originally created as a way for the art to live beyond the canvas and gallery format.  Continuing on to the traditional process of painting the final pieces adds another layer of life to the work.  Jessica considers the extremely tedious method of painting the backgrounds to be a form of meditation and often provide a sort of therapeutic release to life’s stressors.  Currently she is working on a large scale underwater series, which is documented on instagram, for now.


Have questions about my art?  Want more info on the Clothing line?  Interested in buying some artwork? Fill out the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.