JDunbar Collections clothing modeled by the lovely Brianna Walker. Photos by Rachel Sullivan Photography. 

I met Rachel and Brianna at a HHN wrap party/house party.  No, I am not a part of HHN.  I love scary movies, but I can not deal with people getting in my face in real life.  My Husband had just wrapped up his first season as a scare-actor for Universal Studios Orlando Halloween Horror Nights, and there were a few parties and events of which I could tag along.  At the party, Brianna mentioned that she liked my clothing line (Mike must have shared it on Facebook).  She offered to model, if I ever needed.  And Rachel said she could take the photos for me.  Now, I hadn’t attended any of the HHN events before that time, so I said, “Awesome, that would be great!” and followed up with them a little bit later to set up a time for the photo-shoot.  Yeah….. Rachel is an AMAZING photographer! She was one of the photographers for HHN and has an awesome portfolio of work featuring weddings, head-shots, boudoir sessions, etc…   I was very lucky to have her helping me with this shoot.  Brianna didn’t disappoint either.  She has a very expressive face, had an unlimited amount of poses for all 4 outfits, and seemed to be a perfect fit for my line.  I am very lucky to have met them both, and can’t wait to work with them again.

Rachel is (as you would say) a superfan of Dinosaurs.  So as an extra thank you for helping me with this photoshoot, I painted her this 10x10 acrylic on canvas painting of a Raptor with abstract scales for the background.  (I gave Brianna the clothing of course!)