Nail Decals!  I know this is kind of a leap from my usual posts, but I swear it relates to my art.  I started feeling a little sad when my paintings were complete, as if I wasn’t quite ready to let them go off into their new home – or more likely, scattered throughout my house waiting for an art show or gallery to help me pimp them out.  I thought, “I’m not quite done with that design, maybe I can apply it to something else.”

Then I had that “aha” moment: Nail Art!  And then I had that fail moment: Nail Art!

I realized that just because I might be decent at painting on canvas, doesn’t mean painting polish on nails is going to be a piece of cake.  I know, I tried too many times to count.  Then I found out about water-slide decal paper.  It sort of like nail polish strips (which I love) but also nothing like nail polish strips.  Sorry, I don’t really know how to describe it.  There is definitely more work involved than the usual nail polish strip, but it basically goes on the same way.  And you don’t have to worry as much about the several packs of nail polish strips -you bought on sale at the local Walgreens- drying out because you forget about them in the cabinet under the sink…..not that that has ever happened to me…


Anyway, nail decals!  I am making them, soon to be selling them!  It’s really exciting, actually, because I get to test them out 🙂


There is a bunch of information online but I thought I would put together my own tutorial, since I can’t print out that much information for the Nail Decal Packets.  So here it is:


Oh and as far as removal, nail polish removal and a cotton ball will work just fine!