Mermaid Project Update

Shortly after announcing The Mermaid Project, I found out that I was pregnant.  We had been trying for so long, I was extremely excited and extremely nervous about the entire process.  I had a bit of an art slump during that time.  I think I only painted maybe one painting (“Beachy”).  We did continue on with the project though.  We had 2 mermaid pool photoshoots that year with my awesome photographer, Rachel Sullivan Photography.  I had plenty of images to work with for my designs- which I didn’t end up designing until after my daughter was born.  

“Annika” is technically the first painting of the series.  It certainly got me out of my art slump.  It was a rejected entry for nude nite and was from the second pool session. It was actually started and completed in 12 days, which is a major accomplishment considering my daughter was still being breastfed at the time.

Rachel started setting up her underwater sessions at the springs which made for some pretty amazing shots, and super fun camping trips, which I very enthusiastically came along!  It is such an inspirational setting, I highly recommend it!

This is us having some fun after a session in the springs.  I even borrowed a tail!

Here are some WIP shots of sister paintings I am working on in tandem.  I added a small challenge to each of these but they are pretty similar overall.