JDunbar Collections clothing modeled by the wonderful Erika Hallin. Photos by 2&3 Photography.

I became friends with Erika back in high school.  I think we had an art class together, but now I can’t remember.  We got back in touch a little before our 10 year reunion over facebook (yep, that made us feel super old).  She had married her high school sweetheart and was pregnant with her second daughter at the time (she has the cutest daughters ever).  We stayed in touch after the reunion.  A couple months after I launched my first set of JDunbar Collections leggings and skirts, she said she would be down for a trade if I wanted (she has her own line of clothing, see below).  I absolutely love her clothing line, but I have no little ones at the moment to warrant getting a bunch of adorable baby couture.  I told her that I was looking for more models for the other designs in the line, and asked if she would be willing to pose for them.  To my luck, not only did she agree to model for my line, she also already works with an awesome photographer (2&3 Photography).  The first photoshoot was absolutely stunning, and they have continued to do more photoshoots for me ever since.  Check them out, they are fantastic!

Can we please talk about how beautiful and talented this Momma is?  On top of being a mother of 2, a wife, the badass chick making serious gains at the gym, and a model for yours truly, she somehow finds the time to run her own small business.  She creates beautiful couture fashions and costumes for your little ones. Be sure to check out her shop!