The Mermaid Project

Mermaids I am finally ready to announce my new series theme: Mermaids.  This certainly isn’t a new concept, but it definitely has a huge fan-base (myself included).  Yes, I was one of those little kids in the pool pretending I was a mermaid.  “The Little... read more


There’s a NEW gallery in City Arts Factory, and some of Orlandos Best and Brightest are coming together to welcome its debut. The new “Pop Up Gallery” will host the “SquareLando InstaShow”, where all pieces must have a square aspect... read more

Bad Wolf Prints Available

“Bad Wolf” 10×10 Acrylic on Canvas, NFS – completed for my Husband. Want to buy a print? Prints on Wood are available for a limited time Visit... read more

I hate varnishing!

Varnishing can be a wonderful thing.  I paint in acrylics and a lot of times some of the colors will have a matte flat sheen, while others will appear to have a glossy shine to them.  This can be pretty distracting to your image.  Varnishing can help to create one... read more

Mermaid Unnamed on display!

Mermaid Unnamed- 11 x 17 Acrylic on Canvas, NFS, Prints available only (contact for details). This painting was completed for my niece and is the first piece in my upcoming mermaid series.  Used Photo Reference of Free-diver Mehgan... read more

Erika the Model

JDunbar Collections clothing modeled by the wonderful Erika Hallin. Photos by 2&3 Photography. I became friends with Erika back in high school.  I think we had an art class together, but now I can’t remember.  We got back in touch a little before our 10 year... read more

Peddecord Photo

I started the first painting (“Legato”) to challenge myself, and I needed something for a local group art show.  The show was dance themed and I was looking to represent a contemporary subject.  During my search for reference images I kept coming across... read more

Raptors and a Photoshoot!

JDunbar Collections clothing modeled by the lovely Brianna Walker. Photos by Rachel Sullivan Photography.  I met Rachel and Brianna at a HHN wrap party/house party.  No, I am not a part of HHN.  I love scary movies, but I can not deal with people getting in my face in... read more

LOLcore & Del Rey

I am a huge fan of both Lana Del Rey and Lily Allen’s music.  So when I decided I wanted to get back into portrait work, I knew just who I wanted to paint first.  I chose the backgrounds that I felt matched their style, and integrated it into some of the... read more

New Logo!

Check out my awesome new logo for JDunbar Collections by Matt Smith! I am obsessed with it! He somehow managed to encompass all of my previous work and group it into a cohesive design that gives me room to grow my brand. I keep staring at it and finding new details.... read more

The Elements

I painted this geometric series to hint at the elements.  They are meant to be shown together, but are made up of two main designs with opposite color schemes. Vortex a whirling mass of fire, flame, etc. Seismic pertaining to, of the nature of, or caused by... read more

Leggings & Skirts!!!

So I have been working on this one off and on for about two months now and everything is finally coming together.  I was shaking with absolute excitement when I received the prototypes in the mail.  Leggings and Skirts based off of my abstract paintings!!!  We just... read more

Nail Decals!

Nail Decals!  I know this is kind of a leap from my usual posts, but I swear it relates to my art.  I started feeling a little sad when my paintings were complete, as if I wasn’t quite ready to let them go off into their new home – or more likely,... read more

Sneak Peek

Painting has been going slower than usual, due to some higher priority projects that I am pretty excited about.  But I did want to post something, even if it is a work in progress!  Not sure why I still post my “method” pictures, since it has pretty much... read more

Black & White Figures

Black & White Figures- Oil reduction painting on canvas. Two 11×14 canvas featured together.  Unavailable for Sale.  Pose reference from “Jazz Age Beauties:The Lost Collection of Ziegfeld Photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston”, by Robert Hudovernik... read more

Cropped Faces

Cropped Faces- Semi Relief Face sculptures cropped and bent into various shapes.  Self standing. Sculpey and Acrylic. The main three are available (contact for price).... read more

Figure Relief Studies

Figure Relief Studies- A series of figures sculpted in 5×5 squares, Available (contact for price).  Made with Sculpey and Acrylic. Poses were referenced from “Anatomy for the Artist”, by Sarah Simblet... read more

Four Faces

Four Faces- A series of cropped faces sculpted in 10×10 squares.  Made with Sculpey, Wire, and Acrylic. SOLD... read more


Mohawk- Completed as a class example. Sculpey, Wire, Aluminum Foil, and... read more

Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing-  Charcoal, graphite, colored pencil, or other medium. Drawn from live model. Will update occasionally, as time permits (I love practicing figure... read more